Day 5: Breakfast and a School Visit


Today we have the day off, so of course I am still working. Kind of. I have a good friend who teaches Math and is a tech coach as well at a school just down the road, and we get together regularly to talk shop. Today after breakfast he brought me to his school to show me some of the things they are working on with technology. This district passed a technology referendum around 10 years ago and thus have a lot going for them in that realm (including 7 part time tech coaches just for their HS, versus just myself for four buildings). This room is their technology room, for lack of a better term, and the photo shows multiple (I think there were 9-10 total) iPad carts. Additionally, the room is set up to be a presentation and recording center with cameras, screens, and computer inputs all over the place, not to mention apple tv (really a no-brainer anyway). A really cool space.

I am really looking forward to having another person with whom to converse about all things technology integration in light of my new position. We are even talking about doing visits once school starts to see how teachers in other districts are using technology. Always nice to have someone else to bounce ideas off of!


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