Day 8: First Whiteboard Presentations!


Today was my first time implementing white boarding in my physics class. I will be blogging about this more extensively later on my normal blog, but the one good decision that I made (which I agonized over!) was to not give the students guidance on how to collect or represent their data. Though I said nothing about best fit lines or using an equation to make predictions, I had 2-3 groups (out of 6-7) in each class who did something along those lines, exposing their peers to graphical representations along with mathematical best fit representations, without the need for me to preach it. Awesome.


2 Comments on “Day 8: First Whiteboard Presentations!”

  1. markkings314 says:

    Casey, there’s a reason why it’s called “best fit” — it’s because it fits best! Nice job being *less helpful* a la Dan Meyer.

  2. […] PS: This is what I showed them before they created their WBs, with a simple message on the board of “get started with WBs.” The bounce/drop piece was because a group came up with that notation on their own for the ball bounce lab. […]

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