Day 9: An Awesome Weekly Meeting (Really!)


Last year we got a new principal. One of the first things she did was request nominations for teachers to be on a special committee, the Principal’s Advisory. After she received the nominations she invited those teachers who got multiple (her word) nominations to be part of the group. We meet for 45 minutes every Thursday morning to talk about the Big Picture of where our high school is headed. The conversations are amazing! Though it was not necessarily planned this way, the group ended up being 10 or 12 teachers who all share a common belief that we can be one of the best schools in Minnesota (debatable what that actually means, but the point is to go from good to great), and who all have the vision and dedication to try to get us there. I am honored to take part in these conversations.


2 Comments on “Day 9: An Awesome Weekly Meeting (Really!)”

  1. markkings314 says:

    Is each department of your school represented in the group?

    • Now that you mention it, it contains people from the 4 core departments only, really. One of them used to teach German as well, and there used to be an ESL teacher but she now starts her day at another building and cannot attend. Interesting observation!

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