Day 10: White boarding a problem (and some 6th grade iPads too)


I couldn’t decide what to post today, so I decided that, seeing as there are no official rules for 180 blogs, I would post two things.

The first is that we white boarded a problem for the first time today, the Speed of the Earth problem I have been assigning at the start of the year for 5-6 years now. We only got through parts a-c today because of working on other things. The whiteboard shown was a really cool depiction of part c, which asks which way the earth must be rotating given that the sun rises in the east. The group drew a ‘city’ as a dot, then drew a ray to the city for different parts of the day. They were the second group to present this problem, and I think it really clarified the answer for some of the students in the audience who were still struggling after the first presentation.


This second picture I took in the morning when I was visiting our 6th grade center as part of my job as a Technology Integration Specialist. The 6th graders were super excited that they get to use iPads for learning, and their teacher is already working hard to establish ways to use them to enhance learning. Very cool.


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