Day 12: A Love Affair with Modeling Instruction


Wow. Seriously Wow. I am loving Modeling so much!

Today we whiteboarded the data we collected yesterday with the constant velocity carts (after first finishing up WBing a problem from the day before). The first class had awesome conversation which authentically led to the slope as the velocity (direction included!) and the intercept as the starting position. The second class is not there yet, but we are going to finish the conversation tomorrow.

One of my favorite parts was from this WB. They calculated the speed, and previous groups had hinted at slope as speed (I waited to get velocity in there), and all I had to do was ask if there was a connection between the speed they calculated and something else on the whiteboard. Conversation flew. It was awesome.

I am so looking forward to the rest of Modeling!

PS: This is what I showed them before they created their WBs, with a simple message on the board of “get started with WBs.” The bounce/drop piece was because a group came up with that notation on their own for the ball bounce lab.



One Comment on “Day 12: A Love Affair with Modeling Instruction”

  1. Adrienne says:

    The WB template you showed them is a great idea. I have always had groups who didn’t understand my instructions for what I wanted to see on the boards, and this seems like it would be more effective.

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