Day 14: Introduction to Logger Pro (and new computers!)


Today we re-visited the constant velocity lab by ‘dropping pennies’ on a computer screen. The kids really seemed to catch the connection between motion maps (which I introduced in the middle of working through video analysis in Logger Pro), clicking on the cart in Logger Pro, and dropping pennies for the first CV lab. Tomorrow we whiteboard with data collected through video analysis. Objectives for this session are to introduce velocity graphs, introduce integrals of velocity as the change in position, and juxtapose the cart motion, which is slightly non-constant velocity, with the motion of the battery powered buggies.

On a somewhat-related note, at the very end of the day one of the technology people stopped in with half of our new laptops. No more picking up and moving to the computer lab! Take some data, then analyze, then take some more, then analyze some more…yay!



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