Day 20: Extensions of the classroom



I have used discussion forums for the last 4-5 years to extend learning outside the classroom. I particularly like the fact that I often see students who don’t say much in class who really find their voice in an online setting. In the past my forums have been fairly structured with the focus on current science, with a grade attached. I decided that I should try using a forum this year with my advanced class to go into some discussion that we don’t have time for in class. Over the last couple of weeks some other physics educators and I (we ‘met’ via Twitter) have been working on developing a formative assessment we could all give to our students so we could compare results PLC style. I have debated for a while what to do with my kids with the results, and one of the things I decided was to use the responses to discuss online how to be clear and concise. The picture above is the start of the first of these discussions. 

Additionally, as an edtech specialist this year I have worked with a number of other educators who also wish to extend learning outside the classroom. This morning I spent quite a bit of time learning with the media specialist at our 6th grade center, which resulted in a wiki for her morning book club for 6th grade students, among other things. She has 75 kids signed up! Too awesome.  



One Comment on “Day 20: Extensions of the classroom”

  1. N. Weatherman says:

    Can’t wait to see how the kids respond to the online component of our book club! Hoping that they will take off with it and truly extend our conversation outside of the classroom. Thanks for all of your help!

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