Day 22: More Love for the Mix of Technology and Modeling


Last week we had gotten to a point where we were just starting to figure out how x vs t and v vs t graphs work for a car moving down an incline. I had originally planned on using the whiteboards from last week to continue the discussion today (I was gone at a conference yesterday), but instead I decided that 1) the students really needed better data anyway (they are not careful enough yet when clicking for video analysis in LoggerPro), and 2) we really could continue that conversation by moving on to objects that were launched rather than dropped. I had some ramps set up and I had two groups go to each ramp, so that one would drop their cart and one would launch their cart. We then got through discussion on the v vs. t graphs today.

It is super exciting to me that I don’t have to worry about reserving a lab or moving all my students somewhere when we want to re-investigate something. Having 10 laptops in my room makes for a much more authentic scientific experience, because if we don’t see what we need to in the data we revise and try again (of course, never completely discarding the odd data, always trying to figure out why it turns out the way it does). I love teaching Physics!


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