Day 23: Formative Assessment (and a Pirate)


Yesterday Dan posted on his 180 blog that he used some ranking problems in his Physics class. I asked if I could steal it, and he promptly emailed me the file. Turns out that it is in Schober’s modeling docs; I have been using the originals. But anyway…

I decided to steal and modify, so I changed them into velocity vs time graphs to see if my kids could find distance and displacement from them. They can’t. We had white boarded v vs. t graphs with their integrals and found that they were equal to the displacement, but we hadn’t deployed yet…I was curious if they could figure this out without formal deployment. Nope, good to know. Tomorrow I will had them back with some minor feedback, remind them that they can find the area under the graphs to find the displacement, and have them work in their group to re-do them.

On a completely unrelated note, it turns out Ben, who I teach with, is a pirate.


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