Day 24: An SBG moment


Yesterday I gave my students a ‘quiz,’ and told them it wasn’t graded. Today I gave it back to them. They bombed it, and they spent 20 minutes working together in their groups to fix them. They learned a lot.

Me: Isn’t it great to have a quiz that’s not graded?
Them: Yeah! (seriously, they were excited about it).

I wish I could do SBG with this class, but it’s articulated through the University of Minnesota. At least I can give lots of my own ungraded quizzes for them to learn from…


One Comment on “Day 24: An SBG moment”

  1. […] than an explicit display of that understanding. I plan to have weekly standards quizzes (which I already do to some extent) that address 3-4 standards per unit so that students are getting more feedback on […]

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