Day 39: Toys


Today was the first day of Balanced Forces, and I start it with a slightly modified version of what Kelly does using the pictured Kick Dis. The one thing I do differently is that I prefer to go through all my snapshots (I do 6: Puck at rest air off, rest air on, gliding air on, gliding air off, pulled with rope, moving in circle because of rope) by first looking at the type of motion for each, then doing all the interaction diagrams, then doing all the free body diagrams, and finally looking at balanced vs. unbalanced for each one. I do this because this is students introduction to both IDs and FBDs, and I like focusing first on one then the other on this day.

Under the Kick Dis is a Force Plate that came in the mail today, very exciting! I just wish we had enough money to purchase two of them so we could use them for Newton’s 3rd law demonstrations, but we’ll have to find that money another time.


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