Day 42: Whiteboard Speed Dating

I was inspired by a post on the Modeling Instruction listserv to try Whiteboard Speed Dating, as originally inspired by Kelly who was inspired by Sophie.

I generally have groups of three, with a few groups of two. They work together through a unit, then I switch the groups. I had the groups members number 1 through 3. I had them work through the problem (whiteboarding yesterday’s Modified Atwoods situation, where we drew Interaction Diagrams and Free Body Diagrams for each of the three sections of motion; at rest at the beginning  moving with the rope pulling the cart, then moving after the weight has hit the ground so that the rope is not pulling (much) anymore). Anyway, after they completed the problem I had the 1’s move to the right and the 2’s move to the left, with the 3’s staying put. Thus there was an original member of the group, who ended up essentially trying to defend what they had done, with two new group members who then added their perceptions to that particular board. They made changes to the board in a different color than the original board. Then I nominated a group (usually one that had a particularly interesting discussion going on) to present, and we came to consensus that way on the first section (at rest). This was mostly to make sure that everyone was on the same page and we didn’t have any rouge groups.

I had them move again (again only the 1s and 2s) and then simply modify what was already there to now represent the second section of the motion. Then they moved again, edited again, and a group presented. Repeat one more time for the last section.

In Kelly’s and Sophie’s version all the students end up working on work that is not their own; in mine I had students who stayed rooted to their original work. I see value in both and plan on trying their version next time around to see what I think. I also liked that this sped up the whiteboarding process; I don’t think we needed to have a whiteboard meeting for each of these three scenarios. We were able to get through this and move on to start whiteboarding the next worksheet in a 45 minute period.


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