Day 47: Physics Teacher G+ Hangouts


Four or five other physics teachers and I (who connected via Twitter) have been meeting for a couple of months now to look at student work to inform our instruction. It’s been an awesome experience to learn together to improve how we guide students to learning through Modeling Instruction. The picture above was when Kelly was showing us how she teaches using vector addition diagrams to solve force problems, as opposed to using components.


4 Comments on “Day 47: Physics Teacher G+ Hangouts”

  1. […] week in our weekly Physics teachers meeting we briefly talked about the possible labs to build the Unbalanced Force Particle Model (UBFPM, AKA […]

  2. […] O’shea tried to convince me and a couple other physics folks at our Thursday night physics teacher meeting that using tip-to-tail vector addition was the way to go for problem solving with forces. I […]

  3. […] a fun problem to see if students can truly apply Newton’s Third Law, that Kelly shared in our weekly G+ hangout a while back. An awesome, counter-intuitive problem (which I poorly worded in haste on the board; I […]

  4. […] the Modeling Instruction Energy unit. We even talked about it for a significant part of one of our Physics teacher PLC meetings. I started Energy in regular physics about a week ago in regular physics, which started with a demo […]

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