Day 48: Really Awesome Gross Algebra

This is the scratch work of a student working on this problem, which we will then test in lab (he had a bunch of stuff on his paper too, this is incomplete). I really like this problem because the task is somewhat authentic; not the whole ‘rain forest’ piece, but the fact that we are actually going to test it in lab to see how well our equation actually models the data. It is much easier to talk about algebraically substituting for the angle when they realize that angles are difficult to accurately measure in the lab.  I also like that it is their first experience with a problem that requires significant algebraic and organizational skills. We will wrap up deriving the equation Tuesday (work day Monday!), then collect data Tuesday as well.


One Comment on “Day 48: Really Awesome Gross Algebra”

  1. […] we tested our equation developed through gross awesome […]

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