Day 79: Challenge: Accepted!

2013-01-10 13.38.40

I started class today with (more or less) this script;

Two objects are at the same location. They are launched into the air from that location and land at the same height, but not the same place. Without measure time, what can you measure to know which of them has been in the air the longest? 

I asked them to show me some evidence that supports their position.

Ready, Go.

They rocked it. What was so great in my mind was the awesome combination of math and experiment that kids took to try to figure it out, and they worked 30 minutes straight with no direction from me as to what they should do. Towards the end we had a 10 minute discussion, largely student led, about how the real defining factor is the initial y velocity, but that that defines the max height the object reaches, and thus by looking at which object goes the highest we know which has been in the air the longest.

They are ready for more challenges.

Below is a bunch more pictures I took during this process.

2013-01-10 13.38.50

2013-01-10 13.39.51

2013-01-10 13.40.17

2013-01-10 14.24.36

2013-01-10 14.25.05

2013-01-10 14.25.13

2013-01-10 14.25.32

2013-01-10 14.41.48

2013-01-10 14.38.03

2013-01-10 14.44.26


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