Day 83: A School Visit

2013-01-17 07.34.28.math help room


A friend of mine works at a school up the road from mine, and we decided that since we are both tech coaches (and math teachers, and huge geeks) that we should visit each other. He came down to my school in November, and we finally got around to my visit today. The picture above is a room dedicated to students who want help with math, adjacent to the math office (below). Students can come and work, and when they have a question they can knock on the door to the math office to get help from their teacher. Pretty awesome setup.

2013-01-17 07.25.17.Math office



One of the math teachers is apparently the most senior member of the (school? district?). He has been decorating his room for a lot of years…

2013-01-17 07.39.50.math room


I got to visit a new friend who teaches physics. Typical physics room!

2013-01-17 07.47.30.physics room


Then we found a door to the roof!

2013-01-17 08.10.54.found the roof


And finally, the Macbook Airs they are currently deploying to teachers.

2013-01-17 08.38.24 Macbook Airs


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