Day 88: Feedback


No, I didn’t skip a day….I have to write Friday’s post still, but wanted to do this while it was fresh on my mind. Both Frank Noschese and Kelly O’Shea (in conversation and probably in writing but I can’t find it) have talked about having students check their work and give themselves feedback directly after taking a quiz. I gave my first Standards-Based Grading quiz on Friday (Yay! I’m teaching the 2nd half of physics this semester which I helped change to SBG for the start of the year despite not teaching it), and immediately when students finished they could go to the back, grab a red pen, and give themselves feedback. The quiz above is a great example of a student where I had much less feedback to give (mine is in blue) because she did it herself, plus she got that information when it was fresh in her mind rather than after a weekend. Win-win!


3 Comments on “Day 88: Feedback”

  1. G.Levack says:

    I am quite interested in feedback practices, and I was wondering what resource the student had available to help her with providing herself the feedback?

  2. Ah yes, I should have included that in the post! I made a solutions key that was fairly detailed, then made photocopies of it with bright pink paper. I put them in the back of the room, and when the students finish their work on the quiz they walk to the back of the room, grab a red pen and a key, and get to work.

  3. […] was inspired to leave a more descriptive key rather than merely answers because of this post on my husband’s 180 blog. I’m hoping to find other ways to increase opportunities for student-led, reflective, […]

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