Day 100: More with ramps and Area of F vs x graphs (or, two different ways to do the same thing)


I’m in this weird place right now where both my classes (regular and college level physics) are in approximately the same place, but I trying two different ways to teach the same thing. In regular we went the conceptual route and introduced Energy Pie Charts and types of energy before quantifying the types of energy. In the college class I am attempting to go the empirical route. I will be blogging about this eventually on my ‘regular’ blog. Today in regular we drug carts up a track, starting and ending at rest, and found that the area under the F vs x graph was the same no matter how we got from A to B (so long as we didn’t go backwards). In this class I used this as an introduction to Work, and a reason to transition from pie charts to Bar charts. Tomorrow we whiteboard qualitative bar chart problems.


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