Day 107: Toys and Nordic Skiing


One of the perks of my job as a half time technology integration specialist is that when demos come to the tech department I often get to try them out. This HP elitepad came in last week and I was handed it today. I hadn’t even thought about Windows 8, but I must say,  I am impressed. This machine is basically a tablet and computer in one. It has a ‘modern’ mode and a ‘classic’ mode. The modern mode you see in the ads as well as the picture above,  and classic is basically Windows 7 from what I can tell. Despite being a Mac fan,  I actually like Windows 7, and the fact that I can do tablety stuff and normal computery stuff on one machine is enticing. I’ll be trying my vernier stuff first thing tomorrow.

In other news,  I was excited to look out my window today (I love my view) and see they gym classes Nordic skiing. I am a skier myself,  and skied the Birkie last weekend,  so it was fun to see others enjoying a sport that I love.



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