Day 119: Google docs, Doctopus, QR Codes, and Spanish

2013-03-20 12.03.52


I had the rare privilege today of utilizing my position of technology integration specialists to hang out with my wife (who also keeps a 180 blog, though she’s a bit behind at the moment).  She for years has done an activity on commands where students make a set of directions and then another group has to follow them to find a prize. She has been frustrated that students can figure out where the prize is by just looking at the last couple of commands, and the German teacher tried using QR codes for each line of instructions so students can’t skip ahead. We took that a step further by using Doctopus to create shared documents that the students in a group and Alyssa could all access and edit, and they put their instructions and QR codes in that document for easy assessment. We learned very quickly how awesome this can be; the picture above, which may be hard to see, actually shows Alyssa giving some real-time feedback, as the group members worked on the activity.

Surprisingly, while the students went nuts with the chat feature, we found that within a couple of minutes they were using it very productively to have a conversation about what to do for the commands. It was somewhat artificial to force them to have the conversation there, but we wanted them to get a feel for how this could work even if they were not in the same room. Below is a great example of one of these conversations.

2013-03-20 12.05.04


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