Day 3: CVPM packet

CVPM packet pic


Lots to write about here, but I’m going to try to keep it short by promising to write later about the cart launch lab. I was inspired by my colleague Ben who put together an amazing packet for the regular physics classes at our school. I was planning, for my college level class, to jump right into problem solving in constant velocity. After looking at what Ben had done and cross referencing with Kelly, I decided I needed more conceptual materials before problem solving. Thus I put together a packet that draws largely from Kelly and the standard modeling materials. The main difference, however, is that class I teach, since it is articulated through the University of Minnesota, emphasizes algebraic problem solving more so than modeling instruction. Thus I wrote a new worksheet, practice 3 in the packet, to deploy the model. It emphasizes solving the problem algebraically but using graphical methods to guide and check the answer. Let me know what you think, here’s a view only copy of the packet.


9 Comments on “Day 3: CVPM packet”

  1. What’s the setup for the Cart Launch lab?

    I think the packet looks great! One of these days I’ll throw together awesome packets like this. For now I just mostly build off other awesome people’s work. 🙂

    • I’m going to blog about it, but it’s basically doing the same lab but with launching dynamics carts and using video analysis instead. I like that it both introduces video and starts the process of breaking the model since the carts slow down a bit.

  2. Kelly O'Shea says:

    I’m ditching the ranking task in this packet this year. It’s trivial for them, so I don’t think it’s worth the time. (Later ranking tasks are not trivial, but this CVPM one seems to be each year.) Just FYI.

  3. ANuetzel says:

    I’ve ‘borrowed’ from Kelly alot and it looks good. I think my kids could use the structure that the Practice 3 involves, so I’d love to ‘borrow’ from you as well.

  4. […] there I use Practice 1 stolen from Kelly, found in my CVPM Packet, which takes me about a day and a half (of 45 minute periods). Here’s a post about the board […]

  5. […] hour today I had students start to whiteboard problem 1 from CVPM practice 3, and I immediately realized that they didn’t understand what the physical situation looked […]

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