Day 6: Buggy Lab


I did two new things this year with the Buggy lab that I am really excited about. The first is that I took two of my long measuring tapes and put them end to end. We then talked about positive and negative positions (we had talked about position vs. distance yesterday) and about how positive is relative to your viewpoint, so we can choose whatever way is positive. I also had groups going both directions on both sides of the origin, and I made sure in each class I had the next group that crossed the origin. We whiteboard tomorrow so I’ll report then how it goes.

The other thing I did was to introduce uncertainties right away. Day 1 homework, last night, was a short, good reading on uncertainties. We then started class today by making a list of sources of uncertainty for this experiment, see below.


After making the list, we recalled that our measured variable were time and position, and we went back and listed each source with the measurement for which it caused uncertainty. Anecdotally they seem to get it, and I think this will help as I enforce uncertainties for all measured values, always.



One Comment on “Day 6: Buggy Lab”

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