Day 7: Board Meeting


Today we had our first whiteboard meeting using data students gathered in the Buggy Lab. During period 1 I stumbled upon a great distinction for what students say during a board meeting: Observations vs. Claims. Observations are things like “all the graphs are linear” and “the slopes are all different”, whereas a claim is “a negative slope corresponds to a negative position” or “the intercept is the initial position.” I asked period 2 and 3 to start making observations, and I wrote them on the board as they did. (side note; I have two reasons for doing this. One is to keep track of what is said, but the other is to purposefully stay out of the conversation. They don’t look at me when I’m just writing on the board.) Then as soon as someone made a claim (I hadn’t made that distinction yet) I said “whoa, wait a minute. That sounds like a claim to me. Can someone re-state it? OK, now that we have a claim. take a look at your data and see if it matches that claim”. In first period we had one person claim that the sign of the slope corresponded to the positive or negative side of the origin, but when the groups checked it out they quickly dismissed it, and replaced it with the claim that the sign of the slope indicated the direction of motion. Goosebumps.


Addendum: I mentioned yesterday that I would address the groups that crossed the origin with their data, but it didn’t come up in conversation so I decided to wait for whiteboarding worksheets to address it. I did, however, love that they noticed that negative position was different than moving in the negative direction.

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5 Comments on “Day 7: Board Meeting”

  1. gatorfreud says:

    OK, I hope you see this comment! Can you explain how you do the board meeting? Did some groups present data, or did they look at all of the boards and make observations/claims? And how did you introduce the observations/claim thing? I really want to try a little different buggy lab this year, trying for the different slopes and positions that you did.

    • Thanks for the question! I had students put all their chairs in a circle and point their boards inwards (I have 24-27 students/class, so 8-9 groups, and note this is essentially an honors level class). I simply asked them to make observations about the boards; how are the similar? How are they different? That’s about it. That’s when I got out of the circle and started writing things down on the board as observations. As soon as someone made a ‘claim’ I interjected and pointed out that it was a claim. That’s when I asked groups to check it. My hope is that I can get them to distinguish between observations and claims without my interjection. I may even assign group members in the future to be on the lookout for claims.

      Tomorrow is our first board presentations for WS 1, I should be blogging about that as well.

  2. gatorfreud says:

    thanks! i am going to try this for the buggy lab instead of “regular” WB!

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