Day 34: Reassessment Day


Today I built a reassessment day into our schedule. I have 74 kids in this class (in 3 sections), and I printed out 55 reassessments on 4 different learning targets! The  gains they showed were impressive; approximately 80% increased their score and the other 20% showed some gains in understanding even though it didn’t change their score (I grade 2,1,0). More on my grading system coming soon on!


2 Comments on “Day 34: Reassessment Day”

  1. Brad Wysocki says:

    Would you mind sharing how you do your reassessments? I’m pretty comfortable with the SBG system I’ve established with the exception of reassessments. Right now I simply “build in” reassessments, by keeping learning goals on quizzes for multiple weeks and then again on a unit assessment. If that still doesn’t work for a student I offer them the opportunity to video themselves reworking a problem they made mistakes on.

    • It’s been a mashup of a bunch of options for kids. They come in 30 minutes before school starts and do them then, I send them to study hall teachers, we have a 25 minute advisory every day and the shorter quizzes can get done then. I have also left them in the Media Center for our MC specialist to proctor after school (I’m usually in different buildings in the afternoon as I work in teaching and learning as a tech integrationist). I also do what you do and build them in, and I plan to spiral and come back to them throughout the year with the current score always replacing all previous. I’m hoping to finish my general post about how I do SBG in the next week or so as well.

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