Day 43: Force Addition Diagrams



Taught students how to draw force addition diagrams today. Last year I resisted, and Kelly (whose blog post on the topic you should read) convinced me to show them to students; the students ate them up. So this year I’m running with them.

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2 Comments on “Day 43: Force Addition Diagrams”

  1. ANuetzel says:

    So I tried using Vector addition diagrams with my BFPM unit and the kids struggled with it. I gave a mini-lesson on components and SOHCAHTOA and that probably just confused them more. I will be going back next week to look at UBFPM and am thinking that the vector addition is the best way to go, but how do I get the kids to buy in to it? (I don’t want to just show a hard SOHCAHTOA problem and say, “see it’s easier with vector addition”)

    The (possibly) good news is that when we returned for CAPM they seem to get it more than the CVPM session. So I am hoping to get some positive results with UBFPM…

    • We did lots (4ish days, 2 worksheets) with qualitative FBD and FADs, and in discussions we used them and qualitative components to figure out relative sizes of forces, and I think that helps once they start solving problems. Drive them both in conceptually before the math. Glad your later units are helping the former ones, that’s how it should work!

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