Day 73: [SBG] + [Modeling Instruction] = [Learning]

CIS_Physics_Forces_Exam 2 Box Plot


I graded the forces exam for my college-at-my-high-school physics course over the last couple of days, and once again I was very pleased with the results. Here is a dynamic version of the graph above.

I attribute the gains I saw in this and the first exam to implementation of modeling instruction last year and a modified version of Standards Based Grading this year. To be truly transparent, the exams are a bit different year to year so it is difficult to make true comparisons, but the data so far is consistent for both exams, as well as with my qualitative observations that this year’s group has gained significantly in problem solving ability (again, see the SBG post). The FCI will be the true test of students’ conceptual gains, I’m excited to give it later this year.



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