Day 74: A Twist on Board meetings



Over break I thought a bit about how to get more kids engaged in discussions, particularly when everyone did the same problem (I do that a lot as we progress in a model, particularly with harder problems). I tried splitting the class into two different board meetings (where students form a circle and ask questions of each others’ boards), and I love it for two main reasons; 1) It takes class sizes of around 25 and makes the circle smaller, so more kids can be involved. 2) More importantly, I can’t be in the circle. Not once did they look to me for an answer. Not once did I feel the need to interject because of silence. I was an observer rather than a participant. I heard much more discussion from more people. Another benefit is that you can try to manipulate the groups a bit to put students who are more hesitant in the same group with folks who encourage discussion. It’s a keeper.



One Comment on “Day 74: A Twist on Board meetings”

  1. […] of the force(s) causing the centripetal force correct. Also, I have really been enjoying doing mini-board meetings for problem solving whiteboarding, as this group is […]

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