Day 77: Mini-Whiteboarding Face Offs

20140113_102144 20140113_102154


I like to mix it up. So today when students were working in groups on problem solving, I decided to do a modified whiteboard face off by simply having two groups next to each other compare and share their solutions. The difference between this and Kelly’s version is I had every group find a partner group, so I had 5 face offs going on at once. I already do whiteboard speed dating a lot to expose kids to a variety of methods and ideas about a problem, and I will be adding this to the repertoire for that purpose as well.



One Comment on “Day 77: Mini-Whiteboarding Face Offs”

  1. […] and today helped me remember that I have seen some success (here and here) with getting kids to dialogue for problem solving, just not in the large group presentation style. […]

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