Day 98: E_therm

2014-03-10 10.48.50

Students have a hard time believing that the temperature of materials increase when other forms of energy are transferred to thermal energy through friction or collisions. I wanted to show them that the temp does actually increase, so 5-6 years agoI started using a hammer to hit silly putty embedded with a temperature probe. After missing too many times I started dropping a shot put instead, then switched to a bowling ball (more awesome), and this year due to an interaction with Gary  (IIFC) I switched from using Silly Putty (which essentially explodes and gets everywhere) to using play doh, much cleaner. It’s pretty great, I usually see about a degree increase in the temp, certainly convincing enough that thermal energy has increased in the play doh.

Also, I recorded my colleague Ben performing the demo last year. Note his dedication to the results.



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