Day 102: Celebration

2014-03-17 10.39.19


Today in class I let students work with whoever they wanted to on some problems that we will be whiteboarding tomorrow. At some point a cheer went up for a group in the back, and it turned out they had just figured out something about a problem they had been stuck on. It was awesome. So, naturally, I made them reenact it.



2 Comments on “Day 102: Celebration”

  1. […] debate passionately about important topics that they can work to address. I’ve seen students literally cheer in physics class. They didn’t need to augment their reality in the app […]

  2. […] want to walk into a math class and see kids pointing at each others work, arguing, and even cheering.  Summarized, I want math class to be engaging in the sense that students actually want to be […]

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