Day 104: Current and Past Success

2014-03-19 09.04.25

2014-03-19 09.04.32


Yesterday I was a bit dismayed at how problem solving and whiteboarding was going. Then some people left some comments, and I tried what Frank suggested for problem 6a and b from Practice 3 here, and it was perfect. Particularly for this set of problems; the students were asked to first solve the problem using CAPM and UBFPM (constant acceleration and unbalanced forces), then to revisit it using energy. Instead I had half the class do one, half the other, then they paired up and explained their method to the other pair. After that I asked them to reconcile that the two equations were actually the same…which took a bit of rearranging or substituting slightly different variables, but they all got there eventually.

Yesterday and today helped me remember that I have seen some success (here and here) with getting kids to dialogue for problem solving, just not in the large group presentation style. That’s what’s been working for me, but I’m sure that will evolve as I get better at facilitating discussion (still got a ways to go, but happy with the progress so far). Thanks everyone for helping me out!



One Comment on “Day 104: Current and Past Success”

  1. Kelly O'Shea says:

    Another thing—as you move forward through the year, students get better at physics, so some problems that would have been worth whiteboarding early in the year don’t really require as much attention from the now-better-at-physics students later in the year. And not all the Modeling materials really take that into account (the light materials really highlight that—they can be almost insulting to students at the end of the year if you use them as-is because they are basically written as though they will be at the start-of-the-year—imagine whiteboarding CVPM in April, even if it were for the first time). I know you use your own remix of materials as well, but it’s something I’ve thought more and more about as I revise mine each year.

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