A New Beginning as an Edtech Specialist

Day 1: Teacher Workshop Week

Here’s to the start of my picture a day project! This blog was inspired by Frank Noschese, who blogged with a photo and short caption on each and every school day last year and called it the Frank Noschese 180. Many others have picked up on this idea, including me. So here’s my first post of approximately 183 (one hopes). 

This year I embark on a new journey, as I will no longer be teaching full time. I will be teaching half time (which means 2 sections first semester and 3 second semester), and the other half time I will be helping other teachers enhance their classrooms with technology. What is interesting is that I am the Technology Integration Specialist for four (4!) buildings; the High School, where I teach, two Junior High buildings (both 7-9), and a 6th grade center. Today I present to the high school staff about my job, and my ‘picture’ for today is an embedded copy of my presentation. Please note that my presentation style is to use very minimal text, so you are missing a lot by not hearing my (awesome) voice as well. Enjoy!