Kids Are Awesome, a Finale

This is a fitting last post for this year. I’m happy to report that I have forever changed the way how some kids look at the world.

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Day 117: Student Creativity











2014-04-30 08.59.27


Today I gave students a group exam that included a ride where two carts split apart. I jokingly added at the end that part of their job was to rename the ride, which some groups took advantage of.

2014-04-30 09.02.25


2014-04-30 09.26.15

Day 114: Student Representation: Modified Momentum Bar Charts

2014-04-20 19.55.37


I was grading some formative assessments I gave yesterday and a student drew their momentum bar chart differently. I LOVE that this shows the total momentum of the system as the total area of the bar! This would only work well with equal masses though (which happened to be the case here), as the heights of the bard are the same (on the vertical axis, velocity is on the horizontal axis).

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Day 102: Celebration

2014-03-17 10.39.19


Today in class I let students work with whoever they wanted to on some problems that we will be whiteboarding tomorrow. At some point a cheer went up for a group in the back, and it turned out they had just figured out something about a problem they had been stuck on. It was awesome. So, naturally, I made them reenact it.


Day 92: Community Building

2014-02-14 10.54.54


Today the science department had an event worth repeating; we made restaurant quality Rubens during our lunch period and bonded over how amazing they were. Master chef Hoffman, a great bio teacher and friend of mine, is shown working his magic above. I really love my department. Up next; French toast.



2014-02-14 10.54.44


Also, today we held our second Phormal Physics Phryday today, with a pretty good turnout. I love that the kids get into this kind of thing.

2014-02-14 08.32.09


2014-02-14 09.26.10


Day 59: Phormal Physics Phryday


Last week a couple of my students were dressed up for something, and I remarked how good they looked and that we should do a Phormal Physics Phryday; they latched on to it. I also mentioned it to my colleague Ben, whom I work closely with, and many of his kids did it as well. Above is the collection of students we could get together after school, and below is most of my 3rd period class, the originators of the idea.